The VICS Cannabis Oil Recipe

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Makes about 2.6 Litres of oil.


  • 224 grams good quality organic cannabis shake (trim), or roughly 112 grams of bud
  • Slow cooker
  • Cheese cloth
  • Silkscreen, min. 200+ thread count per inch
  • 3 Litres Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Colander or strainer

Put cannabis into slow cooker and add olive oil.

Turn slow cooker onto High for 2 hours, and then turn down to Low for an additional 3.5 hours.

** If one wishes a stronger product, add fresh cannabis to the previously heated oil left in the slow cooker and top up oil to cover the cannabis; keep cooking on low heat overnight or up to two days.

Strain oil, as warm as possible, through cheese cloth, then strain through silkscreen.

The oil is ready to use as is. It will keep for up to 3 months.

Cannabis oil can have a very narcotic effect. It is recommended that you do not drive or perform difficult tasks after consumption.

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