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Bill C-15

see Bill C-15 on gov website

Bill C-15 Senate hearings: Philippe Lucas

Cop Testifies for Medical Marijuana

Victoria police officer David Bratzer testifies in support of decriminalizing the use of medical marijuana

Taming the Hungry Ghost: Understanding Addiction

From An evening with Dr. Gabor Maté, physician and author of "In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction" that took place July 30th at Alex Goolden Hall in Victoria, BC.

This video is a montage of photographs taken during a harm reduction presentation by Dr. Gabor Mate, author of "In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts; Close Encounters With Addiction" which took place at Victoria B.C.'s Alex Goolden Hall. The event was hosted by Sonya Chandler (Victoria City Councillor), with presentations by Philippe Lucas (Harm Reduction Victoria) and Mary Lucas (HepCBC). Photos by Keri Coles, Focus on Photography.

Phillippe Lucas / ASA Testimonial

The following video is from Americans for Safe Access, and features a short testimonial of Philippe Lucas filmed while he was in Asilomar California to speak at the 5th National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics organized by Patients Out of Time in April 2008

Faces of Compassion

Faces of Compassion

"Faces of Compassion" is a video morphing project by Stephanie Thanase that illustrates the incredible diversity of the members and staff of the Vancouver Island Compassion Society, who although different and individual in so many aspects, share a common bond through their use of medicinal cannabis and the services of the VICS.

Downloadable version:

Phillipe Lucas on CBC's As It Happens March 31st 2009

Constitutional Challenge on CBC:
As It Happens: The Great Reefer Barrier

A Vancouver Island medical-marijuana organization takes Health Canada to the Supreme Court for joint custody.

Audio / Video Links

  • Channel 6 News Report: VICS participation in a cannabis use and pregnancy study with UVic, UBC, and the BCCCS is reported and now available as streaming video.
  • Download (note: you'll need the free VLC player to view this video. Download VLC Player mac/windows if you don't have it.
  • The BC Marijuana Party Compassionate Use Conference Part 1 - How to Start a Compassion Club. 58 min. 25 Jul, 2001. Philippe Lucas of the Vancouver Island Compassion Society, hosts the BC Marijuana Party's Compassionate Use Conference and is joined by the conference sponsor Marc Emery along with Hillary Black and other members of the BCCCS. Informative!
  • The BC Marijuana Party Compassionate Use Conference Part 2 35 min. 20 Aug, 2001. Host Philippe Lucas gives us further education on starting and operating a Medical Marijuana Compassionate Use Club
  • The Great VITV Pot Debate 52 min 10 May, 2003. Moe Sihota hosts a VITV discussion panel on the marijuana issue, that includes Medical Marijuana Spokesman Philippe Lucas, Ted Smith, cyber-activist Matt Elrod and others.
  • MAP INC. OnAir "OnAir Events" is a Listing of Upcoming Radio/Televison Drug Policy Related News and Interviews
  • Marijuana in Canadian Pharmacies Lost link, please help us find this video. Philippe Lucas of the VICS on CHQR Calgary / September 29, 2005. Phil discusses government plans to distribute cannabis through pharmacies with host Dave Rutherford.
  • Those Wild and Crazy Canadians: Lost link, please help us find this video. Drug Policy Alliance Conference 2003, New Jersey. Drug policies in Canada increasingly resemble those in Western Europe, not the United States. Learn more about what's happening north of the border regarding medical marijuana, marijuana decriminalization, safer injection sites and heroin-assisted treatment. Speakers: Larry Campbell, Mayor, Vancouver, British Columbia; Pierre Claude Nolin, Senate of Canada, Montreal, Quebec; Philip Owen, former Mayor, Vancouver, British Columbia, Philippe Lucas, Director of the Vancouver Island Compassion Society.
  • Entheogenesis Conference 2004: Philippe Lucas Lost link, please help us find this video. Philippe Lucas, founder and director of the Vancouver Island Compassion Society gives a presentation 'Science, Spirituality, and Compassion: the Modern Cultivation and Distribution of an Ancient Healing Plant'.
  • Parliament Hill Press Conference - Ottawa, July 9, 2003. Lost link, please help us find this video. The day the government announces it's distribution plan, featuring Philippe Lucas, MP Libby Davies, Senator Pierre Claude Nolin and others.
  • The New VI Talk TV - 47 min 16 July, 2003. Lost link, please help us find this video.Philippe Lucas is part of the panel discussing the government's new distribution plan.
  • CTV: Government pot story video stream link. Mark Fiore: Pain Man. Lost link, please help us find this video. In response to the US Supreme Court decision in the Raich case
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